A cutting-edge Engineering, Software Development, and Cybersecurity Company.

Systems Integration

At Scientia, we integrate modern technologies and sensor data into new and legacy systems. Sensors include EO/IR cameras, ground surveillance radars, small arms weapon systems and more. We make applications to translate sensor data, modify user interfaces as necessary, and package the software for deployment onto customized Linux operating systems. We design and implement dynamic, auto-configuring networks to facilitate the dissemination of tactical data and motion imagery to multiple user stations. Collaboration and communication between our clients and software engineering team are vital in making sure that the final product meets the client’s requirements and vision.


Scientia integrates advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer vision (AI/ML/CV) products into our Video Management System (VMS) for enhanced situational awareness in Force Protection Systems. The VMS components can be deployed modularly and archive video feeds autonomously. It is a robust “backbone” where additional technologies can be implemented, including video analytics for functions such as automated anomalous activity detection or integrating sensor models to perform mensuration, feature projection, extraction, registration, uncertainty propagation, and other photogrammetric operations.


At Scientia we believe that Information Assurance must be an integral component of system design, development, and deployment. We strive to promote cybersecurity awareness by embedding cybersecurity professionals within our development teams. Developers at Scientia are experts at solving problems while keeping a security-focused mindset. Our engineers frequently solve issues with the security team before implementation to allow better, more secure products delivered on time and within budget.

Our cybersecurity specialists are experts in scanning and remediating security vulnerabilities in the myriad systems we develop and sustain. Our staff includes A+, Network+, Security+ CySA+, and CISSP certificate holders.